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Free Online Courses - in English. Empty Free Online Courses - in English.

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:09 pm

Here are the links to the free online courses.

Future learn

OU Free Courses

I want you to look through what is on offer. There are different levels (introductory to advanced) which relate to the subject - not to the English level and they state the number of hours involved - mulitply the weeks by the hours per week. Obviously these times are only guidelines and as the courses are online you can do as much as you want at any time - all in one day if you so desired  Laughing .

There are many courses linked to Business and Management but if you want to do a History or Arts course then go ahead, you can choose any course except a foreign language course. My aim is to have you study an English course - aimed at native English speakers - of your choice. Hopefully you'll learn something of interest and more importantly, from my point of view, you'll have to work and think in English in a "Real" academic situation.

at the end of each week or when you finish (or stop) the course you have chosen, I want you to write a short summary of what you learned and what you thought about the course on this forum by opening a new topic thread. Then you choose another course.

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