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Class time computer sessions module Empty Class time computer sessions module

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:31 am

Here is the link and password to enrol on the classwork module that you should do when you are in the computer room during classtime with me - like last year in the second semester. It's NOT the self study autonomous module that all University students (including you) have to do.

I've put the questions and script and answers all online so that we can save paper - and trees. When you've finished a unit check your own answers and ALWAYS listen again as you read the text.

[url= + enrollment key to copy-paste : angouleme] + enrollment key to copy-paste : angouleme[/url]

The enrollment key to copy-paste : angouleme

This year the video clips are linked to jobs surrounding STAPS or sports themselves.

Have fun. Razz

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