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Post by ChloĆ© Gailledrat on Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:14 pm

Last two weeks, I spent all the time watching "The Bold Type" ! This US Serie is talking about three women living in New York (Yeah !! Big Apple !!) and working at Scarlet Magazine, a newspaper especially for women.
First, we have Jane, she's a young journalist who get her first job in Scarlet's. She's romantic and don't like change, she likes to make "to do" list.
Then, we have Sutton, she's assistant in Scarlet's and always taking message for their boss but her dream is to work in the Fashion section of the magazine. She's in love with an older (but handsome) member of the Network Council and hide their relationship.
At least, there is Kat, she's Community Manager for the magazine, she's not afraid to say what she thinks, she's funny and open-minded.
These three friends are happy to work in the same place (friendship is magic).
I like this show because it showing women of our century and I can put myself into these characters. Furthermore, I thinks their jobs are really interesting, I like their workplace and what can happen every weeks ! Fashion, Passion and Fun !

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