Important message for all M1 students relating to next Class

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Important message for all M1 students relating to next Class

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:38 am

Hi everybody,

I asked you to prepare a presentation for next  class (10th October). I'm going to push that back to the following week since the timetable has been strange to start the year.

On the 10th we'll correct the Grammar test from the lest session that you should have finished and we'll have another discussion for which you need to prepare. Twisted Evil

I want you to listen to this BBC world podcast:

It isn't even 15 minutes long so feel free to listen twice or stop and replay so that you understand.

Then I want you to go and do an IAT test. You can do it in French - if you are French -

or any other language - it's probably better to do it in your maternal language :

You can choose any of the tests, but preferably Race, Gender or Sexuality (or all three if you have the time and inclination)- I'm pretty sure that you all think you are not racist, sexist or homophobic - make a note of your score and consider the implications of the results of this test for us to discuss in class.

Get back to me if you don't understand or have problems.

Let others know of this post please. king

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