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Post by Pauline Maurisset on Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:23 pm

I know, Desperate Housewives is an old serie compared to those you all talked about. You'll all think that I'm so "hasbeen" but I don't care. That's my favourite serie and I will defend it till I die Laughing

I hate discrimination, but I have to say that this serie is more likely to please you if you're a girl (sorry guys...)

To explain briefly, the serie tell the story of 4 housewives during their everyday life. It talked a lot about love (obviously), but also about the world of work, the family, or even murder.

It is easy to watch, often funny, sometimes sad, but always pleasant. Characters are really endearing and all along the serie you'll be confronted to a lot of surprises and suspense.

It is a real demonstration of what our lives must be when we will get older.

Girls, you'll really appreciate it Wink

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