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Post by Clothilde Pluchart on Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:09 pm

Hi everybody, I choose to speak the serie of "the Innocents".
It's a story strange but the suspense make that you watch this serie. It's a fantastic serie which is in United Kingdom. During the story, there are different girl who have the capacity to change of appareance (such as body, voice, but she keeps with her the person which she possession and her skills). All people believe it's a sickness but no it's just person who have the power of metamorphosis. The person principal of the serie discover her speciality during the run away with the boyfriend. But the girl and boy are researched by different people such as their parents and a group of research which try to treat this particularity and who wants kidnap the girl.

I choose this serie because she speak different subjects such as the run away, the difference between the people and consequently on your relationship, and of to start a new life without nothing (it's one things very courageous and I have admiration this).

I have already spoil a little part of the story but it's a subject very interesting and if you like fantastic serie it's for you.
Clothilde Pluchart
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