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Post by ChloĆ© Gailledrat on Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:24 am

Hello everybody ! Today I will talk about an original serie "Picnic at Hanging Rock". This serie take place in Australia in 1900 in a private college for girls. The college is managed by a widow, Hester Appleyard, who is haunted by a secret past. On Valentine's day, pupils are allow to picinic at Hanging Rock but three of these girls will never come back...
I don't know what to think about this serie, I watched all the season to make my own opinion. There is a lot of tension on these episodes, we discover the secret of each girl who's missing. The girls, Miranda, Marion and Irene, were not happy in this private school. Miranda is like a wild horse and don't want to be a young lady while Irene, the heir of Rotchild's was send to this school after a scandal of her mother's wedding, and Marion is seen as a bastard even though she's smart and act like a lady to get a real statut. Every girl of this school know they make a mistake to be send here, indeed, why be send in Australia, far from their family while there a lot of private school in Europe ? The school is isolated and plenty of secrets. There a lot of symbolic scene and mysterious characters.

This serie is filled in one season of ten episodes if you want watch it Wink

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