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Charles Aznavour's women Empty Charles Aznavour's women

Post by Enzo Bourgeaux on Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:22 pm

I'm going to talk about the history of Charles Aznavour with the most important women of his life.
The first ones are his 3 wifes. Indeed, Charles Aznavour got married 3 times. The first time with Micheline Rugel Fromentin in 1946, with wohm he had two children, Seda and Charles. The second time with, it was with Evelyn Plessis in 1955. They made a child, Patrick, who died at 25 years old. The third time and last one with Ulla Thorsel in 1967. This relation lasted 52 years and they had 3 children, Katia, Misha and Nicolas.
The second one is Edith Piaf, the woman who launched Charles aznavour's career of singer. In fact, Edith piaf decided to bring Charles with her on the center stage convinced of his talent. She has right.
The third one is Katia, his daughter. I chose Katia because it's the only one of Aznavou's children who has a passion for the music, as his father ! She ever rise on the scene, sharing a song with Charles.

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