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Post by Amelie Trarieux on Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:29 pm

Hi everyone,
This week I've watched the serie true detective recommended by someone I truly admire! Rolling Eyes Razz (i've also been watching Totally spies but I guess that's a less inspiring subject...)

As I had never seen any episode before it was truly interesting. You get really quickly into this strange atmosphere based in two different timelines following an investigation on a murder (and years later an investigation on the detectives themselves).
I'm not done yet with the season but so far so good! The murder itself is very mysterious, involving an investigation through many different people & places, quite the suspens and some intriguing detective skills...

Also! The accents of the main characters are quite tricky so it's great to improve your oral comprehension (especially when you watch with no subtitles because you're too lazy to find a website with...)
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