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Series - Insatiable Empty SERIE - Insatiable

Post by ChloĆ© Gailledrat on Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:35 pm

Hello, today I will talk about the US serie Insatiable ! The story of this show is about Patty, a bullied teenager who turns to a beauty pageants because of an accident. She want to take revenge and will find help with a disgraced coach, Bob, who was wrongly accused of sexual assault. They will save the life of each others many times.
I thought this serie would be in dark tense and a war between bitches in a high school but it's not that at all ! In fact, this serie is very fun and original ! Patty has got a strong personality, she makes a lot of mistakes and she's always in trouble at the end. Between Beauty Contest, Baptism, demons and exorcism (WTF ??), sextape, fight in front of tacos fast food, this serie is incredible !
This show was accused to be against "fat" women but I don't think so. According to me, it's the opposite because even if Patty lost her weight, she always feel sad and lonely so this serie shows that to be skin is not the solution when you're strongly hurt and feel bad in your life. In an episode, Patty have to wear a bikini and she feel very complexed and always see herself as the "Fatty Patty" so I thinks it has a real meaning.

See you to the next episode !

ChloƩ Gailledrat

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Series - Insatiable Empty Series - Insatiable

Post by Axelle Cantone on Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:26 pm

About the series, I chose to continue with the same: Insiatable.

This week I watched three episodes. I liked these episodes, more than the others because beyond the superficiality of the series that shows a girl who wants to have her revenge from all those who hurt her when she was fat, in these episodes there were true values. Patty, the girl, participates in a beauty contest organised for mothers and daughters with a "fake mother" because the mother of Patty has abandoned her.
To wipe out her maternal mother also competes with Patty's best friend and thanks to Patty's touching speech, she realizes that one can't live without the other, and forgive for all the harm that they made each other.

I particularly liked these episodes because it shows that the family is very important and that you have to know how to forgive to be happy.

Axelle Cantone

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Series - Insatiable Empty Re: Series - Insatiable

Post by FLEGEAU PAULINE on Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:38 pm

I agree with you Axelle ! This series treat about good value (like intern value and not only to make attention of physical)
I wait you see suit for have your opinion about development of history... Me, I was... Pertub ! Razz Rolling Eyes


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Series - Insatiable Empty Re: Series - Insatiable

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