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Post by Clothilde Pluchart on Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:09 pm

Hi everybody,

The rain series is an apocalyptic series with only one season on netflix.

The general story begins by following a family that goes into a heart boom as the apocalypse breaks out. The phenomenon is the following it starts raining and this rain condemns individuals in less than a minute and makes them dead but contagious if they are touched or the slightest microbes are in direct contact with the skin. In the first episodes we follow the children who are in the bosom of the heart and who are trying to have a normal life. The problem is the following: their mother goes out only once and is condemned. Their father left to continue to find a cure for this disease. The children remain alone with the only instruction to stay in the heart boom. After a number of years the disease continues to kill more people and children reach the end of their food supply. They will therefore be forced to go out and go to the unknown after so many years indoors. I leave you the suspense of the resolution and explanation of this apocalypse.

Personally I loved this series and if you like apocalypse series science fiction it is for you.
Clothilde Pluchart
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