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Post by Babis Papageorgiou on Tue Oct 23, 2018 10:31 pm

Hello everybody!

After the sucess of finishing the first and maybe last (with the same story season) of Maniac I changed 100% direction in the animation series for adults.
Even though I didn't appreciate a lot this kind of series with the most popular examples Simsons and Family guy, I saw the excellent Rick and Morty that I definitely propose it even to my worst enemy.It's freaking intelligent. So I started to find interests to animated adult series and I stuck with BoJack Horseman.
Story: In the today's hollywood the people and the animals live equally together. I mean that in this fantastic scenario there are animals with hands and legs and every part of a human even the voices and intelligence that had exactly the same lifes with people (Jobs,Cars,Family).
The main actor is Bojack a Horseman with a head of a horse and human body who was an actor in a famous tv show back in 90's the 'Horsin arround'.Now he is arround 40 and he lives in a Hollywood villa drinking and complaining about everything with a friend Todd (human who is sleeping in his couch) The series built the life of Bojack and his social circle in hollywood, his passions and his damages. This black comedy of 25 min. duration follows very sarcastic dialogues and becomes really dark in some episodes.

I will return with more information.
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