Autonomous work - Compulsive behaviors.

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Autonomous work - Compulsive behaviors. Empty Autonomous work - Compulsive behaviors.

Post by Narimane Ayad on Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:47 pm

Hi everyone,

As it was asked by John last week, I am writing below a summary about an article that is quiete interessant. It is about "compulsive behaviors". Here is the link of the article :

Compulsive behavior is a widely spread phenomenon among millions of people. It takes form into many daily activities, and can be expressed through inappropriate behaviors.
For compulsive people, such behavior is a release of self against anxiety and depression. Indeed, even if it can be genetic, compulsions are more highly expected to come after stressful events or trauma, and it is developed through repetitive and meaningless actions.
Treatment to compulsive behavior is quite similar to the one prescribed to people suffering from anxiety and depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy is as well recommended.
Compulsions can debilitate people. It can even put their health and lives at risk through all forms of over practicing the activity the person is addicted to.

Enjoy ^^

Narimane Ayad

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Autonomous work - Compulsive behaviors. Empty Re: Autonomous work - Compulsive behaviors.

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:02 pm

There seem to be more people than ever with compulsive disorders. Surely life is no more stressful than it was in the past?

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