Free Course - The Future of Globalization

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Free Course - The Future of Globalization

Post by Mayra Fernandes on Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:27 pm

Hey John,

I'm back on track with my online course, and now I chose The Future of Globalization. It's a very dense course, with a lot of different concepts and ideas to analyse what can happen with the world from now on.

They define globalization as "spreading scientific and technological advances faster than ever before; it compresses time and space; it affects all living beings; it results in a intensification of all known phenomena."

While we all see that globalization has bring some advantages to economy, with the trade agreements all over the world, it also increase inequality. We can see that in the 1% of the world’s population that holds more than half of the world’s wealth. So for some countries, open the economy hasn't been so profitable. Even USA now with Trump have been rethinking a lot of old trade agreements because they don't seem to be very worth it.

And the second current issue is right there in Politics. We are seeing a rise of conservative parties, radical extremists and nationalists that want their power back. They want the sovereignty of their nation and not the best for all the globe.

With that cames the other dimension the social and psychological one. With all the technology development and the opening borders, people are scared to loose what they have in the present and what they might have in the future. Immigration is a huge problem all over the world. People trying to scape poverty, hunger, and violence, and they end up unbalancing the local economy, even though they are just trying to find a better life.

There's also the cultural dimension with the americanization to define the hegemonic power from dominating countries to impose their culture to the weakers one, destroying the particularities of each region.

In the end, of couse globalization serves the interests of the powerful, even though it still affects them. The movement was reinforced and has accelerated thanks to technology, but it still remains fragile, limited and reversible.

I'll keep you updated during the next days, John!

Mayra Fernandes

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Re: Free Course - The Future of Globalization

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:56 pm


Are the wealthy few really interested in spreading that wealth and power or is globalization simply a way for them to bypass individual country's laws and make themselves richer and more powerful?

Are some countries actually more influential than some governments?

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