All L2 Groups Marks and University work semester 2.

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All L2 Groups Marks and University work semester 2. Empty All L2 Groups Marks and University work semester 2.

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Staps L2 Semester 2 Homework and Marks outline.

Semester 2 Marks:
There will be 3 marks given for Semester 2 (as in semester 1).

One will be “Participation”: this covers all work that you do in class and in the lab as well as your homework (5 out of 20). It also covers oral presentations in class (5 out of 20) and the written work that you do on UPEnglish (5 out of 20). The final part is the 7.5 hours English that are not with me – more details below (5 out of 20).

The second mark will be for a video comprehension – probably on the week beginning 18th February 2019.

The third mark will be a video presentation all the information is on updago in the computer work for you for this week:
Your Oral presentation mark for this semester is going to be based on a “dummy guide” or “how to” video that you are going to create and publish. You must upload your video to “youtube” (private viewing not public) by midnight on Sunday 10 March 2019 but you can upload it anytime before then - so no excuses about having a busy week or being ill or your computer not working or anything else.

University 7.5hours work

You need to go to this page:
Then read how to complete the exercises (it's in French – not mine haha)
You already know your level so you don't need to do the test. Go to your level and complete 8 exercises at your level. The final date for this work is Sunday 24th March. Which gives you about 10 weeks. You can start today and should do a little each week. DO NOT wait until the last week to start.


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