Mushu the clumsy Dragon

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Mushu the clumsy Dragon Empty Mushu the clumsy Dragon

Post by BEGUE simon on Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:41 pm

We are in the story of Mulan. Mushu is the litlle red dragon who follow Mulan in any situation. He recevied orders from the ancestors of the Mulan family. Mushu have to bring to life the dragon of stone who will protect Mulan from any danger. But mushu destroy the statue of the dragon of stone by mistake. That's why i love him. He his the character who do every litlle mistakes. He is funny,  always running for his life with the smile of the adrenaline. He creat problemes in every situations. I thought to talk about mushu because he is my first favourit Disney character.
Thanks for wriding.

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