The first topic : The Refugee/Migrant situation

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Re: The first topic : The Refugee/Migrant situation

Post by Yara Bassil on Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:22 pm

Ok I’m sorry in advance that this comment might be a little bit harsh but I will be giving my opinion very honestly given the circumstances that I come from the region that has the biggest number of refugees in the world today, and I am considered a migrant myself.

I personally think that after the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust, the horror of the exodus of Syrian refugees is one of the major tragedies of this 21st century. And I am saying that because I come from a country where there are over 1.1 Million Syrian refugees piling up in dirty camps or sleeping in the streets.

And since 1 in 5 people in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee, this crisis significantly affected my country’s situation; either economically, because they would rather hire a Syrian who will get paid less, or socially when you allow nearly an entire foreign population into your country.

But the problem remains very critical when it comes to these travelers who constantly nomad from a country to another and in the process, lose their identity, and in some cases, part of their dignity to be able to survive.

Besides, I think what people should know is that, with all the donations that are being sent daily to these refugees, people are still living in such inhuman and uncivilized conditions; whether in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt or Iraq. And if you think that this couldn't get any worse, you should read about the human trafficking and the horrifying crimes committed against them. However, some efforts are well appreciated; like for instance the Malala Foundation and the UNICEF who are working jointly to open schools for the Syrian children.

In my final point, I would like to say that, what's done is done, and those people won’t be going back home any time soon, so it is very important that we try to coexist with them and help them through this difficult time.

Yara Bassil

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Alfonzo Opinion

Post by Alfonzo_Meneses on Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:45 pm

Hello Everybody.
First of all sorry for the delay.
About this topical issue I think it is delicate, at first I was eager to express my opinion , I reflected about it, but then I realized then I had to do.
I can not delve much on the issue because I do not know so many things, but my opinion , is linked with the humanitarian aspect. The world in which we live today is not the same , we all know that . Many barriers have been broken and the human being is more connected , the technological advances have contributed to this.
Regarding the culture issue I understand that there are many countries that do not see positively the fact of receiving foreigners, but I must remind you that this is a humanitarian problem , and if we respect us as human beings, then precisely the aid will have a priority. It's time to see us as a species, and unite as a species. See us in a prejudiced way is simply the negation of our species, and I think it is not something positive for the future of humanity. As human beings we must seek solutions to benefit ourselves.


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