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TV series report : X Files Empty TV series report : X Files

Post by Guillaume Scrofani on Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:46 pm


For the TV series we should watch I choose X Files. I thought it could be good to pick out a series involving mystery to keep my interest all along the semester. Moreover X Files is a reference in Si-fi which is a type i really like.

The first episode is about the meeting between the two FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. The both already know each others but only by reputation. At the beginniing Scully wil be a bit scepticle about the interest for occult of Mulder. But along the investigation on the case they should work on, she will begin to change her point of view.


Dana Scully is assigned a mission by her superiors. Team up with Mulder and provide an external point of view about his work. Fox Mulder works at the X Files section. He is actually the only one assigned at this section. The both have scientific background but Mulder is particularly interested in occult. For its part Scully is rational. It is why she is assigned by her superiors as mission to team up with Mulder. She should provide an external and scientific point of view about Mulder's work.

After had meet the two agents go to the state of Oregon to investigate on a strange case. People are found dead, and they all present two marks on their lower back. After the exhumation of the last victim and a counter autopsy made by Scully. It appears that the body is not human and, more surprising, the DNA test shows that we can't say what the body exactly is! And Scully found an undefined metal item.

All along the investigation Scully and Mulder will go through events. They will meet two people presenting the same marks as the people founded dead. These two people are at hospital because they had a car accident. The girl is on a wheelchair and the boy on a vegetative coma.
After this meeting they decide to go on the last crime scene by night. But a person, the local chief of the police, will find them and ordered them to leave the place. On the way to their motel, something strange happened. They lost 9 minutes! During 9 minutes the time stopped.

Once at the motel a girl phone Mulder. The girl in the wheel chair was found dead. In the middle of a road. She was walking on the road before a truck hit her! After that Scully and Mulder go back to their motel their room was burned. While they assist to the disaster a girl come to them. She ask for help because she feel undertreat. She is convince to be the next on the list. They decide to go to a dinner to be able to talk more. There the things get clearer. The boys in the coma is the son of the local police chief that ordered to Scully and Mulder to leave the crime scene. After this conversation the two agents conclude that it is the boy in the coma who committed the crimes!

The tomorrow night they decide to go back to the crime scene. And there they have witnessed something that science can’t explain. The boy supposed to be in the coma is here, in the forest, standing and carrying in his arms the girl from the dinner, under an intense white lite coming from the sky. The dad of the boy is here though, trying to keep Scully and Mulder away. But Mulder will convince him to stop his son before he killed the girl.

After all this events we are in an audition room. The boy is under hypnosis and he explain everything happened.

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