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Post by Admin on Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:05 am

Weekly Online Forum work:

Go to this forum https://upenglish.forumactif.org/ and register using your real name (otherwise I won't know who is working!). You will then receive a confirmation email where you'll need to click a link to activate your account. Each week, starting this week, you need to visit the forum IN YOUR OWN TIME and post your opinion in the week's topic. There is an area designated to your English group in the STAPS L1 section. I expect you to write between 30 and 100 words each week. You should also comment on other posts written there – In English of course! This work will go towards your first semester mark.

Class Oral Comprehension exercises:

Most weeks during class time we will split into 2 groups. You will get half the time in class with me and half the time you will work on a video comprehension exercise in the computer room. You will not be “surveyed” because I hope that you realise the importance of improving your English comprehension and that you are mature enough to work during this time. Because your levels of English are different I will upload video clips to the Updago and you can work at your own speed. The questions will be online – so will the scripts and the answers. You can find the link through your dashboard “tableau de bord” - courses for 2018-19 – STAPS ANGOULEME L1 S1. Here is a link direct to the course:[url= https://updago.univ-poitiers.fr/course/view.php?id=37756] https://updago.univ-poitiers.fr/course/view.php?id=37756 [/url]
The first time you will need to enrol on the course. The Enrolment key / clé d'inscription :SaL1s1

The first video is about Horse Polo, watch it as many times as you wish. You can find the questions by clicking on the green icon. If you don't finish all the questions during the session then leave it without sending your answers. It should be saved automatically and then you can start from where you finished the next week. When you finish you will see the text and the correct answers. ALWAYS watch the video again and read the text. Check your answers and try to understand your mistakes. We learn from our mistakes if we want to improve. If you understood nothing. Let me know and I will print off the text for you to try again. When you finish the first video you move onto the second video, etc...

Homework for the week after next week:
The week after next week you will give an in-class oral presentation in pairs. You must choose a sport and talk about it for about 4 minutes per pair. For this presentation you should talk a little about the history of the sport, outline its rules and equipment and give some of its celebrities. You should NOT give long lists of dates and numbers – that's boring!You can use the internet to find information (wikipedia for example) but you must use your own words and sentences for the presentation. I will know the difference between your words and those taken directly from the internet. You will be marked on this presentation. For this presentation you can use notes and read directly from your notes but be careful with fluency, however your mark will be higher if you don't use notes. I will be listening to your pronunciation and fluency but the most important criteria is whether I understand you! Good luck. Now choose a partner, a sport and let me know.

That test you did before starting English!!!

This year you have 8 class sessions with me but you also have autonomous online work that you need to do. The test you completed gave you a level A0/A1, A1/A2, A2/B1, B1/B2 and that indicates the module you need to try this semester. I'll give you the final instructions for enrolling on that next week.

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