Marks, university work and homework semester 2

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Marks, university work and homework semester 2 Empty Marks, university work and homework semester 2

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Staps L1 Semester 2 Homework and Marks outline.

Semester 2 Marks:
There will be 3 marks given for Semester 2 (as in semester 1).

One will be “Participation”: this covers all work that you do in class and in the lab as well as your homework (5 out of 20). It also covers oral presentations in class (5 out of 20) and the written work that you do on UPEnglish (5 out of 20). The final part is the 7.5 hours English that are not with me – more details below (5 out of 20

The second mark will be for a video comprehension – probably on the week beginning 18th February 2019. Make sure you practice this during your computer lab sessions.

The third mark will be a presentation via video. You need to form a group of between 2 and 4 people and choose a sport to present. You must then create a video explaining the sport (3- 4minutes per person in the group). Everybody in the group must appear in the video and talk. The video should explain the sport and should show a section on a choice of skills and how they can be improved as well as a brief outline of the most important rules – without being boring - and how the sport is played. You can add anything else you wish (possible improvements, modifications for children) it is your choice. You can make your video funny or serious or both (maybe a few mistakes - bloopers - at the end). You should use your own video cameras or phone cameras or computer cameras. The completed video must be finished and given to me on a USB key – in a format that I can watch with vlc player BEFORE the half term break – your last classses before then will be the 18th - 21st February. It will take time to plan, to video and especially to edit – do not leave the compilation of the video till the last week otherwise you may not finish it in time. If I can't watch it during the half term break I will have no option but to give you 0, so make sure it's finished and that it works – no excuses! Your mark will be an individual mark taking account of your English but also your teamwork and team's presentation. Be careful when videoing outside in the wind (or any noisy area) that the sound can be heard clearly – a great video in which I can't hear you speak is useless. Good luck. Start planning.

University 7.5hours work

You need to go to this page:
Then read how to complete the exercises (it's in French – not mine haha)
You already know your level so you don't need to do the test. Go to your level and complete 8 exercises at your level. The final date for this work is Sunday 24th March. Which gives you about 10 weeks. You can start today and should do a little each week. DO NOT wait until the last week to start.

John's Homework:

This semester you have to choose a tv series (or 2) and watch it in English during your own time for homework. You can watch it with English or French sub-titles but the program itself must be in English. Each week you must go on the UPEnglish forum and write about the episode (s) that you have watched and comment on any series that other students have watched that you know. Obviously I am trusting you to watch in English – it's for your own improvement – and I won't know if you really watched in English or not. Your forum work will be marked as part of your “participation” mark. You can choose any series you wish, you can change from week to week if you want and you can watch with your friends and write about the same series online.

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