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Post by jade namessi on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:44 am

This movie, realized in 2011 by Jonathan Levine, is about a man, Adam, (played by the greatest actor of all time Joseph Gordon Levitt )who lived a normal life with his girlfriend Rachael, and his best friend Kyle. But if This film was only about that, it would probably be really boring so.. He lived a normal life until he is diagnosed with a cancer. This event marks the end of all That he knows. He leave Rachael on the council of Kyle, and he begins to ask himself a lot of questions. Then he meets his psychologist who is not experienced because she just comes out of the school. Adam refuse first to talk to her and requiers another doctor but with the time he attaches to the girl. During his treatment, he explored every state of mind possible, sadness,anger, frustration.. And that what i liked in this movie. And also the beauty of Joseph G.L !

jade namessi

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