The English sports

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The English sports

Post by GUERIN Manon on Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:25 pm

The football: the football is a king sport in England. Where we often name it « soccer ». The English people were world champions of this sport once, in 1966.
And the northwest suburb of London, WEMBLEY, is the temple of the football with its old mythical stage.
The tennis : The temple of the English tennis is situated in the suburb of Wimbledon in the southwest of London.
The golf : This sport was invented in the Scotland, and Mecca of the Golf is situated to St Andrews, in the North of Edinburgh.
The Rowing : This sport, very practised on all the rivers of the kingdom, gains respectability every year in March for "TEA BOAT RACE", 7,2 km long, competed the Thames near London.
The cricket : This sport is principaly play in England. One of the temples of the Cricket is called " OF LORD ", in the North of London. It is the ground of Marylebone Cricket Club
The polo : Equestrian sport play in England.


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