Fear the Walking Dead S1E4

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Fear the Walking Dead S1E4

Post by Maxime Hauet on Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:45 pm

The population is parked in the city, all around there are fences with outside guards who monitor day and night.
The inhabitants are supplied by military trucks, in the form of canned, because electricity is still not back.
Chris observes in a House nearby that is not in the protected area, light signals.
People, including Travis, think have regained their normal life, but the population is not fooled, can be controlled and it prevents them from having access to information sources and medication.
Madison escapes from the area and outside, she sees corpses decomposing and soldiers with protection masks that are responsible to clean up the sector.
Nick is bring in an unknown location by a team of doctors without him and his family know.
Travis, intrigued by the story of the light signals, will check by itself during the night.
He sees the light at the beginning but then sees flashes of fires and explosions blow... It then includes the person died and that the army is working to a kind of genocide.

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