serie: Narcos

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serie: Narcos

Post by robinminel on Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:24 pm

narcos is a serie who explain the life of Pablo Escobar the big columbian Drug dealer , and how he was arrested .
In the for firsts episodes , Explain that Pablo Escobar begin a drug dealer of cocaine , and begin a influent man in the world because he transport this drug in united states and , years next years , the americans began addict at this drug , and Pablo export more and more , and begin so rich .

He win too much and well , he choose to give some money at the columbian , and grace at this he begin a man very influent in the Country , and he present this candidature at presidential of Columbia , and he was elected by the population . But the american policeman come in the country for arrested the drug dealer and for save the united states of the cocaine .

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