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4 series topic

Post by Boisumault Thibaud on Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:31 pm

I think I forgot to post 4 topic about series I watched so today I will speak about four of my favorite series.

First series : Breaking Bad

That's the first series I really wacthed during my life and I have to say it's one of the best and maybe the best series I have seen.
Walter White is a simple chemistry professor in High school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. In order to earn more money and to help his pregnant wife Skyler and his handicaped son Walter Jr, after school, Walter work in a car-washing station. When he discovered he was reached by a lung cancer in terminal phase, he decided to do something before to die. With the help of Jesse Pinkman, one of his former classmates who specialized in the drug trafficking, Walter began to made methamphetamine and to dealing it with the aim to earn a lot of money. Walter did it to ensure that his family can have a good life with no money problem when he will be out of this world.

Second series: sense 8
The series begin with a tragic event : Mr Whispers discover Angelina’s Hinding place. Jonas convince her (They are two sensitive people) to give birth to eight new sensitive people before she sacrifice herself in order to give them a chance to hide. This scene will give life to the sensates (sense8), 8 persons around the earth who are suddenly connected. With this connection, they can see themself and communicate together. For exemple, one sensate is in Berlin and he can see and communicate with an other sensate who is in Chicago. Each sensate of the group can also feel the emotions of the seven other sensate. The eight sensates are :
- - Will Gorski : a cop of Chicago who is haunted by a murder not solved during his childhood
- - Riley Gunnarsdóttir : a DJ of London with a shady past, native of Reykjavik, in Iceland
- - Capheus, a bus driver (he nicknamed his bus « the Van Damn ») in Nairobi in Kenya, which tries desperately to earn money to be able to look after her mother
- - Sun Bak, girl of a powerful businessman for who she works in Seoul in South Korea. She practices also the kickboxing.
- - Nomi Marks (born Michael Marks), a trans-woman and lesbian, blogger and hacker, of San Francisco
- - Kala Dandekar, a pharmacist of Mumbai, betrothed to a man with who she is not in love
- - Wolfgang Bogdanow, a burglar born in East Berlin, living in Berlin, with a complex family history
- - Lito Rodriguez, a famous actor of telenovela nicknamed El caïdo, of Spanish origin, living in Mexico, which hides its homosexuality
This series is impressive, this is the series with the most beautiful settings i have ever seen. Musics are so good too. This two things associate in the different scenes make an universe sometimes weird maybe but so beautiful and I love it. I also love the idea of the sensates.

Third series : peaky blinders
This series is about the Shelby Family and their gang named « The Peaky Blinders ». They are called like this because they used to hide razor blades in the peak of their cap and to use it to blind their opponents. They are supposed to be gypsies because of their mother. The Peaky Blinders reign over a district of the industrial city of Birmingham and are directed by the dangerous and amitious Thomas Shelby. The series begin in 1919 after the fisrt World War. Thomas Shelby and the peaky Blinders who control the black market, bets of all kinds and other fraudulent activities in Birmingham want to increase their business and to go into equestrian bets. One day, Thomas gets back by mistake a batch of firearms stolen in a local factory. Inspector Chester Campbell, detective of the Irish royal police is then sent by Belfast by Winston Churchill to clean the city of all his criminals and found stolen weapons (which have more value than what we think). Peaky blinders is a drama maffioso, historic and family, romantic tragedy. The series is wonderful, the actors play very well, the atmosphere is huge and I find the realistic aspect very good.

Fourth series : Friday night Lights
Dillon is a town of Texas and has only one passion which livens up all his inhabitants: the American football. Only one night is important for this city, that of Friday, evening of match for the american football team (football team) of Dillon high school. Eric Taylor, just arrived in Dillon with his wife Tami and his girl Julie is the new trainer of the football team of Dillon's high school. He has to deal with the pressure which everybody puts on him : he has to win on Fridays evenings and his team, the Panthers, has to win the championship. His team is subjected to the same pressure. Jason Street is the quaterback star of the team. He is the pride of Dillon and many people see him having a huge university career. His girlfriend is the cheerleader Lyla, the daughter of Buddy Garrity, one of the men most influencing of the city. Tim Riggins, the fullback of the team is his best friend and together they hve some projects. But Tim spent a big time of his time to drink and to hang out with his girlfriend (sexfriend) Tyra. Smash Williams is the other star of the team. He likes showing himself in front of the journalists. Matt Saracen the replacing quaterback trains himself with his friend Landry.
I love this series because it’s very realistic, it shows us the life in all its context. Also, it’s a beautiful story with a good moral and it’s very interesting.

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