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The Walking Dead season 1 - Louis W.

Post by Louis Wozniak on Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:55 pm

/ ! \ SPOIL / ! \

First episode : We discover one of the principal character of the series : Rick Grimes. He is a sherif ans was in the coma after an intervention. He wakes up at the hospital, and see nobody around, only corpses. He tries to find his wife Lori and his son Carl, but they aren’t at home. Then he get smash on the head. When he wakes up one more time, he meets Morgan, a doctor, and his son Duane. Then he learned that the humanity is destoyed and that humans are transformed into zombis. They go to the office to take weapon and talkie, then Rick decides to go to Atlanta, where there could be a refugees camp. In the Atlanta’s streets, he only sees zombis and cadavers, he is surrounded and takes refuge in a tank, when he heards a voice from his talkie.

Second episode : It’s Glenn’s voice. Glenn helps Rick to escape, then they join Glenn’s companions in a supermarket, where the group came to refueling. We discover another characters, like T-Dog (a black guy), Merle (a racist guy), Andrea and Jackie. There are some troubles between Merle and T-Dog, and Rick decides to handcuff Merle on the roof of the supermarket. To escape, they decide to recover themselves with blood, for walk with zombis. They find vehicules, then go to the camp, whereas Merle is still on the roof, with a closed door to prevent him from zombis.

Third episode : They finally arrive to the camp. Rick is really happy to find his wire Lori and his son Carl. We discover other characters like Andrea’s sister, Amy, Shane (Rick’s friend from the police), Daryl (Merle’s brother), Carol and her husband Ed. Rick decides to return to Atlanta to find Merle and the weapons he left, accompagnied by Daryl, T-Dog and Glenn. On the roof of the supermarket, they only find Merle’s hand, and a lot of blood…

Fourth episode : They decide to check for the weapons Rick left, but another group of survivors attack them. They capture one, but the group go away with Glenn. They ask the man from the other group, they go to their camp, and propose to their chief to exchange Glenn against their member. But the group refuses, and wants the weapons. Finally, Rick gives them a few weapons, and return to the vehicule with Glenn, but during this time Merle stole it. When Rick and the group return to their camp, zombis are attacking. They kill all of them, but Amy and Ed die during the fight.

Fifth episode : The group bury humans and burn zombis. Andrea is very sad becasue of her sister is dead. She waits for her transformation into a zombi, then kill her. Jim says that a zombi bited him and the group decides to go to the Center for Disease Prevention in town in the hope to find a solution. But some people disagree and go their own way. But during the travel, Jim is very sick and ask the group to stay alone in the forest to die. The group arrives in front of the CDP, but it seems empty. Rick sees a camera moving, then beg to let them enter. Finally, the door opens.

Sixth episode : They are welcome by Edwin, the last scientific of the center.He shows them videos about the virus, and explains that there is a countdown, which means the generator will turn of, and the center will explodes. Some people lost hope and whan to stay in the center to die, like Jackie and Edwin. The rest of the group go out and head towards an unknow destination.

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