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Vikings week 4 Empty Vikings week 4

Post by BARIL Alan on Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:57 pm

The Vikings plunder a village named Northumbrian while the villagers are gathered for mass. There are few deaths among the English, but Lagertha kills Knut as he attempts to rape her. Back on the beach, the looters are forced to fight against a force superior in number, sent by King Aelle, to prevent them from getting back on the boat. They manage to undo them and return to Kattegat. There, the Jarl Haraldson welcomes Ragnar, who claims to have killed Knut instead of his wife. He was then arrested and tried at the "Thing". The stratagem of the count to bribe Rollo and to testify against Ragnar fails, and the latter is finally acquitted. The Stiffs then celebrate their victory at the farm with Athelstan and the children of Ragnar, when they are suddenly assaulted by armed men. Although the followers of Ragnar repel them, his companion Erik is killed ...


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Vikings week 4 Empty Re: Vikings week 4

Post by alec33 on Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:59 pm

Hey not a surprise to me that the Vikings were practical in their trade and equal opportunity in their savagery. I saw 13th Warrior. Who knew that Antonio Banderas was muslim...

But seriously, Vikings were everywhere. They were the elite guard for the Byzantine empire at one point. It kind of undermines their white supremacist argument if their great white heroes are happy taking money to play mercenary for the highest bidder, no matter who they were.

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