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Handball dakar... Empty Handball dakar...

Post by Marion windsurf on Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:48 pm

hey guys,
This week I watched handball dakar, at the beginning it was very interessting, I laughed when one of french's players take a big swipe. Next  I sleep because I was tired. Really I'm not interrest by ball sport and showvidéo around theme.
I prefere surf, ski, snowboard, kiete surf etc... that why I'll take about the windsurf's woldchampionship: Antoine ALBEAU. He is very tall and strong, when you shake his hand, you are scare to loose your hand. Am november, in Nouméa, he win his 22th title of wordchalmpionship, this year it was very tighten with the french Cyril Moussilmani but he win for the the 22 th time. This year for the first time the podium was only frrench with antoine ALBEAU, cyril MOUSSILMANI and Pierre MORTEFON, So it was a great championship :)
If you wants an autograph of Antoine ALBEAU I see him the next month because I do Wibdsurf competition with his sister's soons!!!

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