Hatchiko... a dog's story.

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Hatchiko... a dog's story. Empty Hatchiko... a dog's story.

Post by Deniau Manon on Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:12 pm

The film which I will talk about today is probably the film I was most upset. Drama released in 2009, this is the story of Hachi, a true story. Hachi is a dog. Parker, who is the main character played by Richard Gere, is a music teacher, and one evening when returning from the university is a akita puppy wandering on the station platform because its cage fell and broke. He decided to get it back and keep it but his wife Cate refuses. Parker then decided to call because Hachi is registered on his collar number 8, Japanese says "Hatchiko" .that on his collar is registered with the number 8 in Japanese (Hachik├┤). 18 months pass and Hachi, who grew accompanies Parker every day at the station and waits every night at 17 pm at the same place.

One day, during its course, Parker died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage. Hachi, not seeing him return, patiently waiting until the evening. After the funeral Parker Cate and Andy, their daughter and her husband moved. Andy decides to take Hachi with her but she realizes that the dog has only one desire: to return to the station and wait Parker. One day he heard a whistling train and looks towards the gate. He always keeps his master's vision starting to work and who is to come. Andy then understands and she resolves to let the dog. Hachi returns to the station, in the same place where he was awaiting his master while he was still alive. He will do it every day, for over 9 years, until his death. He made a reputation among travelers and becomes a symbol of loyalty to his master.
Today, a statue representing Hachi waiting for his master to the train station in Japan to represent the true station or did this incredible and long history of friendship and love between the dog and handler.

My opinion about this film is that it's really amazing, it shows the relationship between man and animals, especially dogs, can maintain. It's a good moral lesson in the fact that dogs will always remain faithful to their masters. This is a real relationship between man and the animal.
This film is deeply moving and after having seen 4 times, I always cry as much as it is sad despite its fantastic appearance. So prepare your handkerchiefs ... because it really is a film to watch.

Deniau Manon

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