My Golf Sunday !

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My Golf Sunday !

Post by Clément Maurin on Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:00 pm

Hi ! Very Happy

Yesterday morning (very early : 8:40 am), I went to play a golf competition at the Cognac golf club, with a friend of my dad! The formula was a "Scramble", it means that you play one ball each from the start of each hole, and you decide with your partner which ball you take and after we continue to play one ball each since the ball we have took. We play like this into we put the ball in the hole. Generally you take the ball which is the best placed or the farther ball.
Well I didn't play well because I didn't touch a golf club for 3 years and It was funny when I went to the practice just before beginning the competition. My partner sometimes didn't play well too, but we took a lot of pleasure on the golf course, the weather was perfect, and not to cold !
We played +6 in brut and 0 in net. My partner has a good index and i was 28 when I stopped playing golf !

See you tomorrow !

Clément Maurin

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Re: My Golf Sunday !

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:46 pm

Golf is great on a lovely sunny day.

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