Ted : Malte Spitz:Your phone company is watching

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Ted : Malte Spitz:Your phone company is watching

Post by Margot Baudoin on Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:49 pm

The video I have chosen is: http://www.ted.com/talks/malte_spitz_your_phone_company_is_watching

A man talks about new technology, that all information exchanged through SMS, calls, emails, social networks are stored, allowing to know everything people do anytime.
It’s impresive because as he says, privacy informations about our private life are knowned and saved : anywhere we are anytime, what we are doing, what is our bedtime, … This model is opposite to the freedom of expression, that is a problem. In fact with these new technologies we have feeling we are more independent but in fact it’s not totally right because we are always controlled. Al if all people are tapped… it’s worse because more informations are available with the geo-tracking.

So, we have to be careful when we publish informations about our privacy life, on social network for example, because these informations can be used sonner or later.
I think the connected objects give the feeling that is cool because we are constantly linked at others people and we are afraid of not to see the last publication of this or that individual but it’s not important, we must have right of way, and preferences on the life like real friends and family than few hundred of followers !!!

To conclude, in this video the speaker says, if in 1989 we had mobile phones already, it would be possible to know who participated to the fall of the Berlin wall and who was the leader, so perhaps the Berlin wall woudn’t fallen and the mundial situation would be totally different than today !!!

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