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Series : Games of Thrones

Post by LAPOUDGE Victorine on Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:02 pm

We are the 13th february and I will speack you about the third episod of the second season of Games of Trones.
In the end of the last episod, John Snow and the mans of the night guard are behind the wall, in Craster. John and Sam learned Craster haves to sex with his girls and haves babies with them. But they note there is no boys.

So in the episod I choose, John Snow sees someone with baby in his arms who heads to in the bottom of the forest. John wonders what this man doing with the baby and why they go in the forest. John follows the man and see a thing take the baby. John don't reachs to see more because the man who was following hit him.
When he woke up, John Snow is bring by Craster, with all his teammate. Craster wants to they exit his mansion because for him, John is went too far. When Jeor Mormont asks John on that he seen, this one tells him. But the Mormont's reaction isn't the one John expected, because Jeor knew that. Snow is shocked.

So this moment of this episod it's the one that marked me.
This is the last episod that I watched for the moment, I wait to have a moment to watch more.

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