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Post by Meghane Cren on Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:03 pm

To celebrate "EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS" as it should be tomorrow, I'll tell you about a cartoon made by Disney that I really enjoyed (ok I love them all, and I'll try to make it a synospis of each for the different events to come if you want *Joke*. Beauty and The Beast the Enchanted Christmas or Mickey once upon a Christmas to illuminate my favorite season in this world, Rapunzel for my birthday (January 17 at passage), but at Thanksgiving I will not talk about the cartoon Pocahontas, it would be too creepy, I'll tell you about the episodes of series Friends that deal with it.)

Joking aside, today I'm going to talk to you about Coco and the day of the dead in Mexico. It must be known that here in France this day is fatal. We are celebrating death in very dramatic and tragic way here, its heartbreaking, depressing, not at all satisfactory. While in Mexico this day is celebrated in very different way. We cook various dishes, we setup kind of temple with pictures of our loved ones who have died. This temple has for vocation to open to them the doors of the world of the living only one day in the hope that they come to celebrate with us this day.

So Coco is the story of a young boy named Miguel who loves all the music from below. His wish would be to become a professional musician. The problem is that his whole family rejects the music because of a mysterious event that took place in the past. His family would like him to be part of the family business : shoe repair. In a misunderstanding, Miguel will flee and will be swallowed up in the world of the dead because of a lie. By all means, he must find in this world a member of his family who will give him his blessing to return. Time will play against him, and every minute more in this world will also begin to die, but he will make encounters that will change the course of his life and that of his entire family (dead as alive).

The atmosphere and the songs get us intoxicated and absorb us into a world full of gaiety. The importance of being close to one's family, blood ties is fundamental: an essential anchor point to happiness.

I hope you have sold my product and you will have the curiosity to view it (for those who have not already done).
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