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Post by Meghane Cren on Sun Dec 02, 2018 3:18 pm

Guys I don't announce anything new : here we are (finally), the BEST PERIOD OF THE YEAR - the month of December! *dance of joy*

On this occasion, I would have liked to launch with u the list of films which, in my opinion, are ABSOLUTLY to be seen in this period. History of waiting for the arrival of 24, Xmas, vacation and our reunion with our families, many of whom are far away now. This list is obviously not exhaustive, and I count on you to complete it, and perhaps even discover me wonders that I may not know yet.

1. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas : Yes, a Disney (yet) but not just any of them. This one traces three little Xmas stories with our favorite characters including Donald, Goofy and Mickey. The purpose of this cartoon is to inculcate the often neglected values of Christmas, such as sharing, appreciation of the present moment, love, etc. I dont tell u more about this wonder and know that u can find it in streaming at the following links :

2. Home Alone : Obviously, a timeless, a must.

3. Love Actually (for romantic assumption, or not) : Mixed a cast of madness, with Xmas atmosphere : what does the people want ?

4. Jingle All the Way : With an Arnold Schwarzenegger who embodies a poor father who forgot to buy his son's toy, played by an adorable Jake Lloyd, on Xmas Eve. Laughter from the 90s to wait for the arrival of Santa Claus.

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas : To do in a revisited classic, if you feel like destroying Xmas (we adapt to any audience here).

6. "Le Père Noël est une Ordure !" : X between friends that derails, that's what we like to see (not that we like to live obsv). And if I offered u a vest from my mop, would you be delighted ? Whether u are watching theatrical comedy or the adapted film, you validate, you buy & u sign.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas : And if Halloween is already missing, u want to go back a few minutes, do it with Tim Burton's original story.

8. The Santa Clause : If you like the wonderful Tim Allen, and if u want to see him take on the role of Santa after he's witnessed his accident, go quickly ! (u can also see him again in The Santa Clause 2)

9. The Miracle on 34th Street : "A must-see Christmas film, The Miracle on 34th Street, is the film that laid the foundation for the Christmas film. Awarded the Golden Globe, and nominated for Best Film Oscar, The Miracle on the 34th is a timeless film nugget."

10. The Christmas Chronicles : Cause u LOVE Kurt Russel (dont worry, we ALL love him), cause u know Clay Kayis, former animator at Disney, cause u love funny Xmas stories, with reindeer, an unusual Santa Claus and happy end, go on Netflix watch this little nugget !

I still have a lot to offer u but I reserve that for later. Feel free to visit Netflix if u want to see new achievements and I await your suggestions and comments !

Kisses santa santa santa santa
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