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"Interstellar" Empty "Interstellar"

Post by diegobtz on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:46 pm

My favorite movie is "Interstellar".
He went in rooms theater in 2014. The realisator is Christopher Nolan , who have made  celebrates movies like "Le Prestige".

This realisator is famous for the intrgue and untying of his movies, such as in Interstellar who , for me , make his sucees at the cinema.
The story take place in a world who known a general food crisis.

So we recover Cooper, a old driver of planes,who get a farm with his family.
One day , his daughter, Murphy, realize that her house is haunted by a "ghost" who want to communicate with it.
She discover that ghost spend coded messages. This messages gonna give the contact of the nasa where her father will be affected for a spatial mission.
The mission is to find a new home ( new planet ) for the humans in a another galaxy but the journey could be so long, so Cooper swear to his daugther who he come back quickly.
Unfortanetaly, the time passe too fast in the space and the mission lasted 25 years. To come back on the earth , Cooper had the only choice to take a black hole.
The black hole took Cooper in the 4th dimension.
In this moment , we understand that the ghost in the house, was in fact the father who communicate with his daughter and give the quantum informations that allow the evacuation of the humans of the earth in another planet.


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