Week 4 : Breaking Bad

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Week 4 : Breaking Bad

Post by Romain Tardieu on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:38 pm

Today i'm gonna talk about the third episode of Breaking bad.

In this episode, we follow Walter who don't know if he must kill or not Krazy8 the drug dealer they hide.
Skyler his wife tell to her sister Marie about the Walter's strange way since few days, Marie think he may smoke some weed, and she warn her husband Hank who work in a drug squad.
When Walter bring the food to the prisoner, he faint.
After he wake up, he talk about his cancer to Krazy8, who give to him some advices.
Walter decides to release Krazy8 when he discover Krazy8 wait he release him to kill Walter with a piece of a broken plate when Walter faint.
So Walter lie to the prisoner and strangle him with the padlock whose kept him, but the prisoner before to die hurt Walter's arm.

It was a very interesant episode, with the character of Walter who is really briliant, first because he's weak thanks to his cancer, and in second because he can become a dangerous murder.

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