Prison Break WEEK 3

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Prison Break WEEK 3

Post by Simonneau Lucile on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:31 pm

Episode 2 and 3
In theirs episodes we learn what the tatoo is : The plans of the prison!
Michael Scofield is one of the person who have conceive the plans of the prison, so with this his knowledge of the prison, he therefore intends to associate with other inmates to bring his brother out.
He had tried to get his brother out of prison, he had trying to elucidate who had mounted the murder to accuse Lincoln Burrows (his big brother) and let him be executed at the prison (Fox River). He cherche who whant to see his brother die.
A friend of Michael her On its side cherche to find the person who real committed the murder for innocent Lincoln and avoid the escape of the two brothers.
In conclusion Michael cherche again and again to escape to the Fox River with is brother but a new inmate in this cell come complicates this plans.

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