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Post by Amelie Trarieux on Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:41 pm

So this week I've been watching Maniac, one of Netflix's latest show.
The serie is quite strange and definitely something new. Through the episodes you kind of become part of the it once you realise that there are connection (easter eggs) between the episodes that are sometimes hard to notice and sometimes obvious. Even though I tried to keep note of them I'm sure that I've missed some but it helped me to stay focus and appreciate this serie. You just want to understand where it leads you. It's different, entertaining, sometimes mind confusing but definitely makes me want to watch more... It was only 10 episodes so definitely easy to actually see how it ends quickly.

Before explaining more about the show itself, just get ready on the fact that not only the scenario but also the narrative is strange which I get could annoy some people. Gladly I've always been attracted by strange...

The story is about finding a new way for people to deal with their problems without using therapy. We are following 2 main characters, Annie and Owen that didn't knew each other before entering a parmaceutical trial. The trial is divided in 3 parts, using 3 different drugs (A,B,C) which will lead the applicant through 3 different "experiences" (themselves divided in different stories). The first drug will make you relieve the worst day of your life for example, followed by an interview about it and which is supposed to help the scientist understand your disease and if the program can actually help you. Obviously, it's not just that simple and drama gets in the way. Following two more drugs, many subconscious stories getting you through times and adventures, of course feelings (but not the one you would be expecting), more drama and then comprehension (or at least a bit of comprehension). The show gets you through many emotions, maybe makes you even think about yourself (or help to get away from your life), the least I can say is that I ended up really into it.

I was however a bit disappointed by the end that I hoped more "mind blowing" but still, it's good. I haven't spoiled that much, so that people could still watch it but if you want to know more about it let me knoooooow!
Amelie Trarieux
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MANIAC (spoiler) Empty Re: MANIAC (spoiler)

Post by FLEGEAU PAULINE on Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:24 pm

Strangely.... I'm not surprise that you watch this show ! Laughing

It's interesting to have connection between the episodes ! I think it would be a good show for me, for make me focus on the show Twisted Evil


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